• 2nd Gen Boosted Dual SR
    Design & Innovation

    The Dust, or Ash, Has Settled On Electric Skateboards

    Electric skateboards have continued in their revolutionary direction. We have seen how much they have progressed. Now the development of these personal electric vehicles has reached a steady point, now they are the best they’ve ever been. [...]
  • ground control systems duraplas metal bike vault standard
    Design & Innovation

    How the Metal Bike Vault stacks up to Fiberglass Lockers

      Metal Bike Vault® vs Fiberglass Lockers DURAPLAS™ STEEL High impact plastic protects steel from heat, weather and migrating oxidation. FIBERGLASS MOLD UV radiation weakens the structure of fiberglass. Lower impact resistance. KNOCKDOWN DESIGN Easy-to-install design that’s less [...]
  • Design & Innovation

    Uniting high-level security with a modular design

    Ground Control Systems is launching the modular Metal Bike Vault® (MBV) to expand their bike locker offering after the success of the VisiLocker™. The MBV provides a next level of safety and durability, compared to [...]
  • Heat map from Strava Labs showing the scope of bike activity across the United States.

    Looking at the Top U.S. Bike Friendly Heatmaps.

    Bike friendly cities are growing. Along with major metropolitan areas, universities and corporate headquarters are heading initiatives to grow bicyclist communities. Altogether, their impact on access and usability of bicycles has made getting around on bikes [...]





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