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2 Varsity Bike Dock DV215 UC Davis High Density Bicycle Parking

Campus Solutions

80 universities and counting. See why Ground Control offers the perfect board and bike parking solutions for your campus.

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Signature Products

Our signature skateboard and bicycle parking products are highly specialized to address your specific problems to find that perfect solution.

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Urban Solutions

We speak "bike parking ordinance." Our city experts specialize in navigating the city process to provide safe bike corrals and ultra high-density bike rooms.

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Signature Bike Parking Products

1 Varsity Bike Dock DV215 UC Davis High Density Bicycle Parking
5 Varsity Bike Dock DV215 UC Davis High Density Bicycle Parking AFTER

The Varsity Campus Bike Dock

With an average 18" of separation between bikes, the Varsity® Bike Dock will turn the trickiest bicycle parking situation into a controlled footprint. With the highest density and most adaptable bike parking, the Varsity rules the game of inches while still being user and bicycle friendly.

Messy-Boards BEFORE
skatedock-sacramento-state-campus-skateboard-and-scooter-rack AFTER


Instead of tripping over boards in classrooms, or leaning scooters and long boards in a pile on the wall, convert all the mess and liabilities into a secure and organized lockable skateboard parking solution for skateboards and scooters of all sizes. SkateDocks™ are lockable, versatile, and convenient.

Center-Stage-6-Vertical Bike Rack System
Center Stage Free Standing Vertical Bike Rack AFTER


Perfect for indoor, multi-family parking solutions and bike rooms. The Offset™ is capable of securing two bikes within 6 - 8” of space. The racks can be attached to walls, or our stand alone islands. Ground Control understands the value in maximizing what we call "racks per square foot." This upright rack option is the most secure, highest density option period.

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