Our step-by-step planning and execution process maxmises space while fitting effortlesly into any project, big or small.

Bicycle, board and scooter friendly parking is not just a goal at Ground Control Systems; it’s our mission. With 25+ years in business and more than 25,000 clients, we have helped set the standard for vastly improved user friendliness in micromobility parking that riders seek out.

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Our in-house engineers are trained to help increase density, determine site location, identify security risks, possibile obstructions, and analyze surface and in-ground mounting options.

We have assisted hundreds of colleges, municipalities and businesses to review their bicycle parking plans. Site review is also part of every installation we perform and is included with every large purchase of parking products. Contact Us to get started.


There are a number of variables involved when planning your bicycle master plan. Variables include accurate spacing, compliant setbacks, addressing density, ADA compliance, recommended mounting options, and most importantly the best product for your application.

Our in-house Engineering team can help you with your 2D bicycle parking layouts. Our experts will achieve the highest bike count possible for any job while satisfying all requirements..


Not all bike parking options are created equally. 2 classifications for bike parking are typically used in describing official policies and guidelines; Class 1 is used to describe long-term parking spaces, with high-er secuirity and protection, and Class 2 is used to describe short-term parking spaces with fewer requirements.

Our experience in the industry has given us useful insight into which classifications are necessary for different bike parking projects and what products/racks offer the appropriate amount of security given the specific project. We can provide support in this area for your bike parking projects.


Spacing and location of bike parking is critical to maximize density, provide proper setbacks, and to ensure that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues are met.

Becoming a bicycle friendly city takes time and effort. Developing a bike parking ordinance for your city is the first step in reaching a goal of becoming bicycle friendly. We can offer support, advise, examples and suggestions to make your city ordinance for bike parking successful and attainable so that cyclists and the city are both happy with the final result. Check out in detail our city ordinance history.


Many parking racks you may run into were likely designed more than 50 years ago without any sense of form and function. We take an approach that puts experience first. Our parking solutions are designed for the user, by the user.

We are devoted to providing world-class bicycle and board parking that goes beyond bent pieces of metal. We give you orderly solutions that address footprint, space efficiency and actually encourage ridership.

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New! ‘Just-In-Time’ delivery powered by local storage to keep projects on track*. The construction environment is dynamic, and Ground Control Systems is available to ensure our customers racks and lockers arrive at the right place at the right time. This new project service is part of our mission to make our customers lives as easy as possible by covering every construction need.

*Storage and delivery negotiated by request on new projects; please contact our specialist or your project manager.


Spacing and location of bike parking is critical to maximize density, provide proper setbacks, and to ensure that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues are met.

Ground Control Systems specializes in commercial bike parking and shelter installation throughout the Western United States. We additionally provide consultation services and helpful installation videos if facilities departments or contract installers handle the project.

Formal authorization is required for projects that involve city-owned property. Our team is well versed in obtaining the necessary permits and can manage this service before installations are completed.

All installation services come with standard and detailed installation instructions if additional units need to be installed. For customers wanting to do their own installation or are out of the area, we offer a 2D site layout service.

We cover bike, skateboard and scooter parking from end-to-end. For more information about our services, get started by contacting a dedicated project specialist or read our Terms and Conditions