Campus Solutions

1 Varsity Bike Dock DV215 UC Davis High Density Bicycle Parking


The Game of Inches

A recent study illuminated most campuses will see a 20-25% growth in the next few years. Considering the influx of students, utilizing every inch is vital to accommodate for now and future generations.

Controlled Footprint

Without a controlled footprint, bikes tip over, park on top of each other, and become damaged. Our favorite Varsity Bike Dock prevents this liability by indexing the wheel, it’s the kind of thoughtful design that not only protects the bike, but with 18″ of separation, the Varsity has the highest density parking on the market.

3 Varsity Bike Dock DV215 UC Davis High Density Bicycle Parking


If we create a safe environment for people to ride, a safe place to lock bikes, we lay the foundation for a sustainable world. Ground Control’s signature products protect bicycles from chaotic parking conflicts, and are designed with full locking in mind for the utmost security.

Life Long Solutions

Ground Control strives for bike friendly products with the longest lasting coatings and materials on the market, because no one wants to start over and install a new system after 10 years. If you do need to upgrade your campus, we have a recycle program with colleges to donate sub-par racks to underfunded schools and communities. It’s part of our mission to create a more sustainable world.

7 Varsity Bike Dock DV215 UC Davis High Density Bicycle Parking


Site Reviews

Let’s take a walk. During this preparation stage, we review your campus and share best practices of previous clients and our 20+ years of experience. Offering suggestions on how to improve bicycle infrastructure; we’ll cover funding options, data and heat mapping, student surveys, and more.

Free CAD Layouts

If you fail to plan, your plan will fail. It’s been our motto from the beginning. We’ve saved schools thousands of dollars by accounting for accurate spacing, compliant setbacks, addressing density, ADA compliance, and the best product for your needs. CAD layouts are an imperative step towards reaching the full potential of your campus, and they’re a free benefit of every job. It’s just what we do.

Campus Standard Products


Spotlight: Michael Claudio

Campus Planning Specialist

We knew it was the right fit when Michael showed up to Ground Control with both cycling chops and parking know-how. He spent the early days of his life as a bike messenger in New York City, darting around crazy cab drivers and locking his bike to whatever he could every time he delivered a package. Michael sure appreciates a bicycle friendly environment with proper bike parking. He also knows a good bike…especially the four of his own.  When he isn’t busy making college campuses across the country bicycle friendly, Michael keeps busy as a Cat. 2 cyclist and personal trainer.