Tokay High School


Tokay High School Skatedock 1


Tokay High School has a large number of students that ride skateboards and scooters to and from campus. The challenge this high school encountered was that once these boards arrived on campus, there was nowhere for them to be stored. Students were forced to bring their boards with them from class to class, leaning them against walls in classrooms and hallways. The skateboard and scooter clutter created a very serious liability and risk management issue that needed to be addressed.


Tokay High School decided to eliminate the liability and offer students a secure place to park their boards and make classrooms safer. The high school installed three SkateDocks across their campus, two floor mounted docks that hold up to ten boards or scooters each, and one wall mounted rack holding up to eight boards or scooters. Students were instantly drawn to the docking stations and were excited to have somewhere to store their boards while class was in session.


The SkateDock was well received by our students and really helps with not having skateboards carried around on campus.

Erik Sandstorm

Principal, Tokay High School

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