One of the challenges the LTBC had previously trying to implement bike friendly iniatives is that there is no ordinances or standards for Tahoe. This is one of the goals they set out to change and this was an opportunity to get standardized, secure parking approved . The LTBC determined that they wanted to choose at least 1-2 products, one color, that they could feel confident in.

This didn’t come without its challenges. The Coalition struggled to find common ground from the different design standards wanted from each entity, for example the city of Tahoe wanted only green racks, and the limited budget they had to accomplish this big task. Additionally, everything being “free” for the cities, meant little motivation to get the racks installed in an orderly manner.


After researching several bike rack rack companies, including Dero, Park Catalog and SCH Enterprises, the Varsity Bike Dock from Ground Control Systems (GCS) was recommended to Gavin by the owner of Blue Granite Recreation. The Varsity met and exceeded all of the requirements the LTBC wanted for bike parking, but to offer more racks and appease all entities, they decided to also place Inverted-Us in key areas that allowed more space.

Given the price point, the ability to brand the racks with decals and having all the products needed, included a few Public Work Stations, the LTBC decided that they had found their secure, bike parking standard that would provide 215 free bicycle racks, creating secure parking for 430 bicycles at key public destinations throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin.


“One of the main reasons GCS won me over, is that the project manager went above and beyond to make sure the racks were delivered and installed properly.”

President, Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition