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We solve your micromobility parking challenges

End-to-end bike, board & scooter, including electric, parking solutions

Ground Control Systems®, formerly Park A Bike, is a leading specialty contractor of innovative bike, board, scooter and electric micromobility parking solutions in North America. With over 25 years of experience, we are the choice on over 100 university and college campuses, including UC Davis, University of Kentucky, USC, Michigan State, and countless student/multi-family housing, office buildings and businesses. Ground Control is on the cutting edge of the micromobility movement, and the infrastructure we create is an integral part of it. We offer innovative, space efficient bike, board, scooter and electric micromobility storage solutions and services, including CAD layouts and installation from our planning experts.

Our product comes from innovation and our ability to apply it to an industry that has lost its way. We build solutions, not racks. We build for function first and form second. Brilliant? We think so.

The racks you see on campuses, in cities, and in commercial business settings were most likely designed more than 50 years ago. For many developers and planners, the decision-making process is driven by “what is” not “what can be”. This lack of awareness, combined with a cost overrun and budget constraints, has resulted in the continued installation of these outdated racks.

We take a different approach. Our parking solutions are designed for the user, by the user. It’s not about the cost for us. It’s about the experience.

So, what have we done since our last story was told? Everything. In addition to supplying parking solutions across the country, everywhere from the city of Davis to the University of Kentucky, we have also been busy receiving awards. The League of American Cyclists awarded Ground Control Systems as a “Platinum” level bicycle-friendly business, their highest honor. Very few companies can claim this title and we pride ourselves on standing alongside them. Awards like this are why we love what we do.


We are Innovators.

We are advocates.

We are Ground Control Systems.

The MicroMobility Parking Experts.

The Ground Control Difference

Award Winning Design

Ground Control maintains the high level of excellence we established as Park A Bike, when we received the first ever American Society of Landscape Architects’ People’s Choice Award for the design and function of the Varsity Bike Dock® and the SkateDock™. Ground Control Systems takes this excellence even further, incorporating our step-by-step planning and execution process into each specific project.

Dedicated Team Approach

Ground Control assigns you a dedicated relationship manager that ensures the success of your bike and board parking project. We are with you every step of the way to help you take control of your ground.


The best parking systems come down to a game of inches. We provide the education to help customers understand this game of inches and how a systemic project investment beats simple product costs every time.

Setting The Campus Standard

We are the campus standard and premier planning provider for more than 80 universities and corporate campuses throughout the United States. Ground Control Systems recognizes space, cost effectiveness and ease of use are at the top of the list for customers with the greatest need for the best system.

Quick Turnaround

We help orchestrate successful bike parking and skateboard parking projects from site design to product installation within 30 days.

World Class Solutions

We are devoted to providing world-class bicycle and board parking that go beyond bent pieces of metal. We give you orderly solutions that address footprint, space efficiency and actually encourage ridership.

Unmatched Bike Parking Experience

Bicycle and board friendly parking is not just a goal at Ground Control Systems; it’s our mission. With 25+ years in business and more than 10,000 clients, we have helped set the standard for vastly improved user friendliness for bicycle parking that riders seek out.

Ground Control Systems is located in Sacramento, CA. We have our bike and board parking products in cities and on campuses across the country.

Ground Control Systems is located in Sacramento, CA. We have our bike and board parking products in cities and on campuses across the country.


Greg Bauer

CFO/Chief Strategy Officer 

Someone has to be constantly thinking up new strategies while driving the financial plan when they are not sleeping, right?

Co-owner and Chief Strategist, Greg Bauer is That Guy. After creating and building the successful multi-store Rack N Road business (racknroad.com), starting his own manufacturing operation, running a management company, and being an active husband, father and coach, it was only natural to turn another business into the next big thing. Naturally, Ground Control is that business. Greg’s passion for bicycling is a lifelong one, and supporting bicycle friendly initiatives around the nation fits with that passion to a “T.” He identified The Big Problem – racks can be more than a bent piece of metal you can lean your bike against. They can become an intelligent solution. Greg would love to take the Ground Control solution to every university campus and business as much as he would like to figure out the perfect gift for his amazing wife, which is yet another life-long goal.

Donn Van Dusen

Vice President of Engineering

Ground Control co-owner and VP of enginnering Donn VanDusen operates in full throttle mode. Statistics show that fewer than 4% of people can highly function on 4 hours of sleep. As an engineer, teacher, innovator, master installer and lead sales agent, Donn is in that 4% and he makes use of every waking moment.

He brings years of knowledge and engineering experience to the job, and that makes him a sought-out resource on major projects and within the industry. He maximizes every inch of space with the most orderly, high security and user friendly products in our industry. Donn lives every day to make an impact in our company. Donn is Ground Control.

Nathan Carnahan

Chief Deputy/Director of IT and HR

With the most positive disposition around, Nate is the #1 chief deputy and go-to guy in every business we operate. He handles everything from our trade shows to human resources to IT functions to sales connections. His ability to deftly handle multiple duties makes him the definition of Ground Control (next to Donn, of course). There is no job too big or too small for Nate, and he takes on tasks with contagious enthusiasm.

When he isn’t hard at work at the company he is usually sitting on the board of a non-profit, running an event, speaking at a conference or cheering his kids on at a sporting event. He loves to live life making the most of everything and simply making those around him happy.

Jennifer Baker

VP of Marketing and Business Development

A funny thing happened when Jennifer Baker arrived at Ground Control… or should we say, everything started happening. With her gift of visual expression and marketing know-how, Jennifer brought campaigns to life with ridiculously impressive work ethic, innovation, and a good sense of humor. She developed her skills at the Expression college for Digital Arts in San Francisco and put them to work on movies like Fast and the Furious and Sisters.

On top of her impressive design and video production background, her 10 years of customer service experience makes her a blazing marketing leader, pushing Ground Control Systems forward in the industry. When she is not hard at work creating, she is caring for her son and daughter and enjoying the snow and snowboarding whenever possible.

Michael Claudio

Senior Project Manager

We knew it was the right fit when Michael showed up to Ground Control with both cycling chops and parking know-how. He spent the early days of his life as a bike messenger in Washington, D.C., darting around crazy cab drivers and locking his bike to whatever he could every time he delivered a package.

Michael sure appreciates a bicycle friendly environment with proper bike parking. He also knows a good bike… especially the four of his own. When he isn’t busy making college campuses across the country bicycle friendly, Michael keeps busy as a Cat. 2 cyclist and personal trainer.

Maeli Enesa

Warehouse Manager

Maeli is one of the most multi-talented team members in the company. A long-time rugby player, a football player, and an accomplished musician with his own label make Maeli a jack of all trades. He is our resident over-achiever. Maeli, who can do whatever he sets his mind to, has helped run our inside support teams, worked with AutoCad for our technical drawings and did we mention he also has a degree in Accounting? Now Maeli runs our warehouse making sure our bicycle parking solutions stay stocked and get delivered on time and without issues. When you’re looking for someone who exemplifies communication and collaboration, Maeli is our go-to guy.

James Van Dusen

On-Ground Support Specialist

James has been with Ground Control from the beginning, during the Park A Bike days. As one of the original members, James is a true student of the bicycle parking industry and a “chip off the old block,” being the son of our Lead Innovator Donn Van Dusen. James uses that experience to develop the next step forward for Ground Control Systems and acts as the team’s licensed installer and project specialist.

By day, James is busy around the office or on job sites looking for efficient solutions. By night, he is a father and manages to indulge in fly fishing and wake boarding whenever he can.