Center-Stage-2-Bike Room

Bike Rooms

Our favorite products to meet the demands of multi-family housing are all about density. Our series of ultra density upright rack systems, mounted on the wall or free standing, to fit any space. They are perfect for the modern day bike room for residential and commercial applications.

With bike rooms, it’s imperative to plan parking infrastructure that saves money, time and provides the best experience for the user. At Ground Control, we specialize in the intricacies of this early stage, including the ins and outs of city ordinances, to do it right the first time. 

Varsity Bike Corral On Street Parking


One Car, or 10 Bicycles

Keeping bicycles off the sidewalk can be a problem for many restaurants, cafés, walk-in businesses, and event locations. Go green with our bike corral by converting one car parking zone to a 10-bike parking station.

Ground Control starts at the footprint, developing a thoughtfully planned layout for your space. No matter the angle of the street or how tight the space, our Varsity Bike Dock prevents slipping or parking on top of each other. Another plus: orderly, secure parking deters theft and encourages more riding in your area.

Caption Bike Rack

Caption™ Bike Rack

Designed with a Purpose

What does a Caption Rack do that an Inverted U won’t do? The popular Inverted U racks may satisfy price requirements but nothing else. Ground Control designed the Caption Rack with function, form and funding in mind.

With a built-in D-Cal space, the Caption Rack can help cities subsidize the cost through donations, branding, sponsorship, and advertising. The additional three points of locking contact when used with a u-lock adds more security and stability. Fitting 2 bikes, the Caption Rack tops it off by meeting APBP guidelines and is a more long term, considerate rack for the end user.

Brandon Lane Profile


City & Business Planning Specialist

Brandon joined the Ground Control Systems team in 2016 after many years of service within the cycling community. In his previous position as the Marketing and Key Relationship Manager for Rack N Road (racknroad.com), he worked closely with cycling advocates/organizations and road-trip-adventurers. He brings his years of rack-related experience to Ground Control and is eager to meet new people within the advocacy and sustainability movement. Whenever he gets a chance, he escapes the confines of his fluorescent-lit office to explore the great outdoors… maybe you’ll run into him on the trail or on a remote mountain peak somewhere.