City of Santa Monica Bicycle Parking Ordinance

Bicycle Parking Ordinance: Santa Monica

This appendix presents the recommended number of bicycle parking spaces and amenities to be considered for adoption into 

the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.


1. Bicycle Parking Space. A volume of space that can accommodate locked storage of one bicycle. Typical design should consider average length of 6’, width of 2’ and vertical clearance of 7’.

2. Short-term bicycle parking. Bicycle parking that is designed for parking needs of less than 3 hours, and consists of bicycle racks to which the bicycle frame and at least one wheel can be securely locked to the rack. Racks are securely anchored to the ground.

3. Long-term bicycle parking. Bicycle parking that is designed for parking needs over 3 hours, and enclosed on all sides to protect bicycles from weather. Acceptable examples include bike lockers, bicycle rooms, bike cages and attended bicycle facilities. Except in the case of lockers and attended bicycle facilities, all long-term parking provides a means of securing the bicycle frame and at least one wheel to a securely anchored rack.

4. If bicycles can be locked to each side of the rack without conflict, each side shall be counted toward a required space.


All new buildings or structures, substantial remodels, and tenant improvements shallprovide parking per the following table.

1. Commercial Buildings. All commercial buildings, hospitals and institutions, hotels, office buildings and industrial buildings shall provide short-term and long-term bicycle parking per the table.

2. Residential. In instances where a building may contain both dwelling units and guest rooms, the sum of dwelling units and guest rooms shall be used to determine the amount of long and short term parking. In these cases any combination that results in more than 3 combined dwelling units and guest rooms will require bicycle parking per the table below.

3. Mixed-Use Buildings. In instances where a building contains components of more than one of the aforementioned categories, the requirements will be based on the sum of the individual uses as described above.

4. Fractions. In cases where the number of bicycle parking spaces required results in a fraction, values greater than one half shall be rounded up.

5. Any change of use. In cases where the Planning and Community Development Department determines there is a change of use to an existing building the development must comply with bicycle parking per the table below.

6. Required Bicycle Parking Table.

Santa Monica Bicycle Parking Ordinance Chart


 1. All bicycle parking space shall be conveniently located and designed for easy access.

2. Except in the case of individual locking bicycle lockers and attended bicycle parking, all bicycle parking spaces shall provide a means of securing the bicycle frame and at least one wheel to a securely anchored rack.

3. Bicycle parking areas shall have adequate lighting that provides high visibility of the rack or locker area for safety and easy access.

4. Stairs are discouraged along the path of travel to any bicycle parking space. Should stairs be necessary, they shall be designed to incorporate a ramp or channel so that bikes can be taken up or down the stairs without being carried.

5. Bicycle parking spaces shall be separated from automobile parking spaces by a wall, fence, curb, protective bollards or by at least five feet of open space free of parking. While bicycle parking is adjacent to accessible automobile parking, aisles or loading areas provided for accessible spaces may count towards the open space requirement for bicycle parking so long as they are immediately adjacent to the bicycle parking.

6. All short-term bicycle parking shall be located so as to be no further than 25’ of travel distance from the main entrance of the building and provide directional signage at the main entrance if parking is not visible.

7. Showers with adequate room for changing shall be provided for all new commercial buildings and any tenant improvements determined by the Planning and Community Development Department to be a substantial remodel, based on the following:
a. One unisex shower for all buildings less than 40,000 square feet of floor area. Two unisex showers for all buildings over 40,000 square feet.
b. Location of facilities must be adjacent to or incorporated into the building the shower facility is serving.

8. All long-term bicycle parking shall provide directional signage and access to the parking spaces 24 hours a day and provide a convenient path of travel that does not require the exclusive use of any subterranean vehicular ramp. Parking should be located on the ground floor, but in certain
circumstances may be located on the 1st floor of the subterranean parking level, if approved by the Strategic and Transportation Planning Manager.

9. Bicycle lockers shall be designed to accommodate bicycles with a length of 6’ and a minimum width of 2’ and be able to accommodate a bicycle as determined by Strategic and Transportation Planning.

10.Bicycle lockers shall provide doors that open to a 90-degree angle and that are clearly labeled with instructions.

11.Additional design requirements will be established and periodically updated by the Planning and Community Development Department.


1. If the Zoning Administrator and Strategic and Transportation Planning Manager determine during City’s plan review process that there is no room available on site in lieu fees may be paid toward future bicycle improvements (Bike Center, in-street corrals). Fees will be determined per bike parking space required and adopted annually with the City’s fee process.


Except for new buildings, automobile parking spaces required under established requirements in the Municipal Code may be replaced at a ratio of one automobile parking space for every 8 short or 5 long-term bicycle parking spaces for each automobile parking space. A combination of the two may be discretionarily reviewed and approved by the Strategic and Transportation Planning Manager or designee. No more than 10% of the required automobile parking spaces may be replaced in this manner. For buildings with less than 10 automobile parking spaces, no more than one automobile parking space may be replaced.

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