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When the district decided to cancel bus riding to school, it was soon followed by an increase of scooters and boards on the campus of Andrew Carnegie Middle School in Orangevale, CA. Since the school didn’t want students riding boards on campus, they required the students to drop off and pick up their boards and scooters before and after school hours.

“We were storing the boards in the office, but it was causing a lot of extra stress on office staff before and after school”, recalls Suzanne Bender, Principal at Andrew Carnegie Middle School.

After finding a solution, the next challenge that faced Carnegie Middle School was the proper placement of the docks which had to be approved by Maintenance and Operations. The secure docks needed to be installed into the proper substrate, located near the front to keep kids from skating in the back lot and covered, but not in a location that allowed access to the roof.



The SkateDock was recommended to Principal Bender from another local school that had installed SkateDocks with success. After contacting Ground Control Systems, their skateboard parking expert, Adam Sequest, came out and walked the campus with Principal Bender to suggest proper spaces and how the SkateDocks could be secured.

“The guys that came were friendly and helpful in giving me the knowledge to speak to M & O about the project and get it approved and ready quickly,” stated Suzanne Bender, Principal at Andrew Carnegie Middle School.

Most students currently ride scooters to school conflicting handles were a concern, but the SkateDock’s design allowed storage with ease. Though Carnegie Middle School did get quotes from other skateboard parking solutions, ultimately the customer service and price determined SkateDock as the best solution.


LOVE LOVE LOVE them! There hasn’t been one theft since the SkateDocks have been installed and the kids are happy to have a place to safely store their scooters and boards without coming into the office every day

Suzanne Bender

Principal, Carnegie Middle School

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