Varsity®MBA Bike Dock® Campus Bike Parking Rack 

The ASLA award winning Varsity® Campus Bike Dock®  has evolved to a freestanding system, the MBA Bike Dock. The free-standing, multi-functional base installs on any surface in minutes, reducing project costs up to 50%! 

The MBA Varsity Bike Dock can be purchased as a stand alone rack, or as an upgrade to your existing Varsity Bike Docks. The multi-functional base is built for the future of bike parking with data collection in mind. Waterproof enclosures are available inside the base for bike parking monitoring devices. Bike abandonment and bike parking availability will become problems of the past with the MBA technology simplifying the cycling experience on colleges across the nation. 

Built around APBP bicycle parking guidelines, The MBA is one of the few ADA approved bike racks. The MBA college bike rack emphasizes an organized, controlled footprint for maximizing the number of bikes in an area. This is accomplished without compromising ease of use or security. The MBA university bike rack is a thoughtfully designed parking solution for any environment.

*Educational and wholesale discounts are available.

Product Features
  • Extremely high-density, organized, layout possibilities
  • Wheel-troughs cradle bicycle tires and prevent slipping & tipping
  • Handlebars are offset for high-density parking, without handlebar conflict
  • Black injection molded urethane Smart Guards™ protect bicycles from metal-to-metal damage
  • Smart Guards™ offer personal branding or messaging opportunities with optional custom stickers
  • Case-hardened steel Smart Guards™ allow for easy U-lock compatibility for the highest security
  • Built around APBP guidelines
  • Finish options include the 20-year warranty Black Duraplas® Thermoplastic Finish or the 10-year warranty Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish in silver
  • Accommodates large and small wheels (allows pitching)
  • 2 bicycles secured per base
  • Freestanding base can be weighted with concrete (approx. 85 lbs) or sand (approx. 65 lbs)
  • Temporary or permanent mounting options for all surfaces
  • Extendable, modular rail system (optional) securely connects 2, 3 or 4 bases to ensure optimal spacing
  • Integrated, waterproof enclosures for bike parking monitoring devices
  • Intelligent design simplifies locking of the bike frame and tire to rack for novice riders
  • Labeled wheel pockets instruct proper positioning

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