E-Marquee™ Educational Kiosk

The E-Marquees™ were designed for high density areas. Choose your messaging, and leave the rest to Ground Control. We offer samples of best practices that are habits of the League of American Bicyclists, including educational supplements to your bicycle parking. Use the E-Marquee to inform students of bicycle paths, how to lock their bike to a bike rack, maps of a campus, enforcing campus policy, or even display promotional and branding signs in this sturdy, weather resilient kiosk. 

Product Features
Let’s choose your message

Choosing your graphics is simple and part of every job we work on. Two options are available. We can either send you the exact size of the graphic that will be sandwiched or applied to the display, or you can send us your ideas and our in-house marketing department can take care of it for you at an additional cost

UV resistant 3M® graphic material is applied

Compare to other schools and cities for best practice examples

Helps with your Bicycle Friendly America ranking.

Choose your location and coating

Our surface mounted E-Marquees™ are best mounted into concrete, high-visibility locations

Choose between your graphics sandwiched between plexi-glass or graphics applied to the outside of an aluminum panel


The Toolbox is a hub of all E-Marquee documents and assets to successfully plan your project. Contact us to get started today.