Dismount I Scooter Rack

Control the chaos of electric and push scooters and reduce the number of risks and liabilities



Electric scooters are causing scooter litter for pedestrians and other micromobility users in every city. The new Dismount I rack is the perfect short-term parking solution to control the chaos of push and e-scooters. Studded with design features, like our patented wheel chock and slot system, compatible locks and helmets and gear, this rack EXCELS in user-friendliness and scooter integrity.

The result is a system for cities and businesses to control liters of micromobility scooters while reducing injury liability for riders and other pedestrians. Seven parking slots prevent metal-to-metal contact with an edge-protection guard. Wheel chock eliminates rollout. Each cradle quickly and intuitively mount individual scooters. Freestanding or permanent mounted. Deploy the ultimate in scooter organization.

*Educational and wholesale discounts are available.

Product Features
  • Secures four scooters in a space-efficient footprint
  • Locking is optional! Unique patented slot system secures stem and allows for locking with any U-lock, short cable or chain lock
  • Wheel chock contains and secures front wheel for easy loading, while also eliminating scooter rollout and handlebar conflict
  • Scooter stems are protected from damage with edge guard system
  • Intuitive design communicates use and served purpose
  • Silver DuraPlas® coating that eliminates hard metal edges and adds a longer outdoor life–20 year warranty
  • Total 35 ⅜” height and 47” width. Product footprint depth 31 ” and minimum 13” wall setback
  • Helmets can be stored below slots
  • Future upgrade options will include electric charging capabilities

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