Dismount® II Electric Scooter Parking Station

Reduce the cost of electric scooter infrastructure

  • Retain and attract new tenants while saving on infrastructure costs. Save on the cost of storing vehicles on properties or campuses by offering scooter fleet management at a significant fraction of the cost of car parking and maintenance.
  • Dismount II is a scooter parking station that can offer to fill transportation gaps that existing systems may not reach. It is an ideal complement to an existing bike or other micromobility systems to boost property value and promote visitor/tenant health.
  • Shared active transportation reduces abandoned scooters. Cities and campuses are often finding electric scooters abandoned, locked to existing racks, sign poles, and elsewhere, cluttering up space. Offering a regulated electric scooter charging station solution with a recognizable locking station cuts down on clean up.

Ground Control Systems developed the Dismount II Electric Scooter Station as the solution for shared micromobility services. Now any business, campus, corporation or hospitality venue can quickly deploy shared active transportation or mobility-as-a-service programs to improve their tenants and visitors’ transit options. We have designed this scooter rack for the most intuitive parking experience, highest scooter security at a fraction of the cost of other systems.  



Product Features
  • Parks up to 4 electric scooters–persoanlly owned or from shared systems
  • Individual slots secure scooters at the stem and are large enough to accomidate stems with a battery
  • Molded slot guards eliminate metal-to-metal contact and are designed to rotate handlebars and prevent parking conflict
  • Locking is optional! Cutouts located below slots allow for locking with u-locks, chain locks, or short cable locks
  • New! Wheel chock contains and secures front wheel for easy loading while also eliminating scooter rollout
  • Helmets can be stored below slots
  • Electrical conduit for charging electric scooters coming soon




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