Vertical Bike Rack System Side Stage™

The Offset® Side Stage™ freestanding vertical bike rack system offers the country’s only ultra space saving dual unit bicycle rack for freestanding applications, securing two bicycles within 6 – 8” of space. Whether space is limited or you are working on creating an indoor commercial grade bicycle room, our patented design offers space, friendly usability and high security. 

We are currently updating our product documents. The documents below are a good reference for starting a project but please contact us with inquiries about specific product changes and details.

Side Stage™ Free Standing Vertical Offset Bike Rack System

The country’s only ultra space-saving dual unit bicycle rack for freestanding applications

Secures two bicycles within 6 – 8″ of space

28″-31″ separation between racks

Series options:
SS4: 4 bikes
SS6: 6 bikes
SS8: 8 bikes
SS10: 10 bikes

3 points of locking contact for the highest security locking

Perfect for indoor or outdoor Class I bicycle storage facilities

Combine with outdoor shelters for an extremely high-density Class II bicycle parking option

DuraPlas™ Thermoplastic coating for bike protection and long-term durability

For ADA compliance, Offset Vertical Racks require a cane detection device surrounding the parking area to prevent injury of the vision-impaired.

Proper placement of the racks requires the user to lift thir bicycle ony 0.45m (1.5ft) off the ground.


The Toolbox is a hub of all Side Stage™ documents and assets to successfully plan your project. Contact us to get started today.