On-Street Bike Parking With Bike Corrals

On-street bike parking is a preferred choice in urban settings to meet the needs of a growing bicycling population. Ground Control System’s Bike Corrals will replace one car parking stall with 10 – 12 bike parking spaces. The Varsity Bike Corral utilizes the technology of our Varsity Bike Dock™ to keep bikes organized and within a controlled footprint. The Caption Rack Corral adapts our Caption Rack to create a custom branded bike corral. Bicycle Corrals are an easy and effective way to show cyclists that you support bicycling and its popularity as a transportation choice. 

Product Features

Local ordinance guidance and free layouts with every job

Utilize our Varsity Bike Docks or Caption Racks for Corrals

Bike Corrals are a great way to meet mandatory Class II short-term bicycle parking requirements that benefit both the riders and the business

Varsity® Bike Corral

Replace 1 car parking stall with 12 bike parking spaces

Utilizes the Varsity Bike Dock to keep bikes organized

Keeps bikes upright with a controlled footprint and high-security design

Caption™ Rack Bike Corral

Replace 1 car parking stall with 10 bike parking spaces

Utilizes the Caption Rack for branding or messaging opportunities



The Toolbox is a hub of Varsity and Caption Bike Rack documents as a starting point for a Bicycle Corral. Contact us to get started with detailed planning & ordinance guidance today.