VisiLocker™ Secure Bicycle Locker

Do you need to meet a bicycle ordinance? Is price an issue?  Welcome to our VisiLocker™. It is approximately 2/3 the cost of a fiberglass or metal bike locker. This product was designed specifically for Architects and Contractors that want a simple, intuitive and highly secure Class 1 storage option that meets the specifications required to get the job done right… the first time.  

This is great for any Multi-family housing projects. This product can also be used as a storage unit for about anything you can’t put in your apartment or Townhouse.

Product Features
  • Highest Class 1 long term safety rating
  • High security – 2 point steel locking bar
  • Available as knockdown assembly or fully assembled
  • Steel build
  • Modular
  • Lower internal temperature due to steel construction
  • Available in 1, 2 or 4 bike capacities
  • Available as two tiered/double decker units
  • Low cost per bike compared to fiberglass and all steel panel lockers 

The Toolbox is a hub of all VisiLocker documents and assets to successfully plan your project. Contact us to get started today.