SkateDock® SM10X Lockable Skateboard Racks

SkateDock® Skateboard Racks provide a more safe and manageable anti-theft alternative to skateboard locker storage. We combine our best practices, location expertise and educational Dock It & Lock It® enforcement signage to make your program a success. The ultimate choice, SkateDocks lead the industry in lockable board parking solutions.


  • #1 selling skateboard rack in the US for K-12 schools and universities
  • Simple and intuitive tower design that serves as a management controlled alternative to skateboard lockers
  • ADA-approved design 
  • Holds 10 boards and can be combined to double or triple sided racks
  • Compatible with any size board, including some electric, without interference with docking and locking
  • Black injection molded urethane EdgeGuards™ protect boards from damage
  • Lockable rings compatible with padlocks, u-locks or short cable locks
  • Fully welded, no assembly required
  • Duraplas® silver finish is durable even in marine/snow environments


This product is manufactured and sold under a Licensing Agreement and is protected by U.S. Patent numbers D802962, 6978902, 7318530, and 7789247.


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“The product has worked out very well. I’ve been very pleased with them! I can definitely say that we’ve seen an enhancement in the number of students using scooters and skateboards getting to and from school.”

Brandon Beadle

Assistant Principal and Director of Facilities Management, Warren T. Eich Middle School

JOIN THE MOVEMENT–Embrace the Board®

Let’s face it: skateboards are a mode of transportation students love and teachers loathe. A fun ride to school quickly turns into a campus liability when skateboards are left lying around. Especially now more students than ever are sure to ride with the addition of skateboarding as an official Olympic sport.

Ground Control Systems has helped more than 1000 K-12 schools and college universities Embrace the Board and say “enough!” to chaos in the classroom and office by installing our SkateDock lockable skateboard parking solution.