Pinnacle™ Outdoor Bike Shelter

Ground Control Systems is happy to now be offering our own outdoor bike shelters. We’ve designed them with form and function in mind, and we are especially pleased to say that these will greatly benefit cyclists! Providing covered parking for your outdoor bike racks is a great way to show support of cycling in your area. 

  • Multiple bike capacity & muliple sizes available
  • Leed credits available
  • Metal or polycarbonate roofing options
  • Our bike shelters are designed to fit 8, 12 or 16 bikes based on the footrpints of their corresponding bike racks
  • The Pinnacle shelter can also be used with vertical bike racks for maximum density bike parking

Pinnacle Shelter series-diagram-p0912  Pinnacle Shelter series-diagram-p0918 Pinnacle Shelter series-diagram-p0924


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