Bike and scooter parking rack – Guardian


The Guardian bike rack brings high security and modern design to the evolution of the Inverted-U. Rubber guarded crossbars provide an optimally spaced, scratch-resistant bike parking option for locking the bike frame and tire to the rack without causing metal-to-metal damage. Spacing between the cross bars provides an optimal parking option for most push or electric scooters. The diamond tube “A”-frame adds increased security from theft.



  • 2 Bike or E-Scooter compatible 
  • scratch-free molded guards protect bicycles from metal-to-metal damage
  • Diamond tube “A”-frame made from ASTM A500 pipe
  • Rail compatible to allow for free standing units

* 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Chapter 3, Section 307.3, For post-mounted objects in circulation paths: requires that any structure within the pedestrian way that is supported by two poles more than 12″ apart and is taller than 24″ but shorter than 80″ must have something less than 24″ in height in the middle so that a vision impaired person who uses a cane can detect the obstruction.


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