Dismount® JR – Lockable Scooter Racks for K-12 Schools

Dismount Jr provides a safe, and controlled parking solution for schools. By allowing children to station scooters intuitively, school staff can easily manage varieties of scooters and gear in a unique scooter rack for schools.

Lower wheel chock allows students to effortlessly load scooters. Eight parking slots on top keep scooters upright and prevent handlebar conflict. Spacing in-between allows scooters to be secured with ease. An edge-protection guard prevents metal-to-metal contact which protects the paint.

Limited Quantities
Dismount® JR – Lockable Scooter Racks for K-12 Schools

Product Features

  • Secures 8 scooters in a safe and controlled footprint
  • Unique slot system secures stem and allows for locking with any U-lock, short cable or chain lock
  • Wheel chock contains and secures front wheel for easy loading, while also eliminating scooter rollout and handlebar conflict
  • Scooter stems are protected from damage with edge guard system
  • Intuitive design communicates use and served purpose
  • Perfect option for K-12 schools who want to “Control the Chaos”

Dismount JR Scooter Racks


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