Warren T. Eich Middle School



Though Warren T. Eich has always pushed for finding a way to increase the number of students using active transportation to and from school, for faculty and staff, skateboards and scooters brought along headache. Lack of an adequate storage solution left boards and scooters piled up in classrooms and front offices, creating potential safety hazards for students to trip and slip. Having to keep an eye on loose boards and scooters left behind by students also created additional responsibility that feel in the hand of teachers and staff.


While taking a tour of the The University of Colorado with his son, Eich Middle School Assistant Principal and Director of Facilities Management Brandon Beadle stumbled across what appeared to be a lockable skateboard tower located in the heart of campus. After researching, Assistant Principal Beadle was extremely impressed with the capabilities pf the Skatedock to house not only skateboards, but scooters as well. He believed it was the perfect solution for Eich Middle School’s dilemma.


“ The need for us here was that we had students with both skateboards and scooters. Things they couldn’t just lock on the bike racks. (Skatedock) has worked out very well. I’ve been very pleased with them.”


Brandon Beadle
Assistant Principal and Director of Facilities Management