The original “Pod” racks offered no security, did not hold the bikes upright, and overall were an inferior structure for bicycle parking. UC Davis, recognizing the inefficiencies of the “pods”, moved to grid style racks. An obvious improvement to the “pods”, the grid style racks still did not meet the needs of the school and the students. The grid racks caused chaos, leaving bikes tangled and strewn across sidewalks and the need for more innovative product became very apparent to the school.


In 2010, Ground Control Systems® offered UC Davis our first hit at the now campus standard, the Varsity® Bike Dock®. Known as the JR Varsity, our orderly bike dock began to solve the students’ pain points of needed security and the school’s pain points of needed order. UC Davis and Ground Control Systems® , aligned with the same mission, worked together through testing, research, and further development to improve and recreate the JR Varsity into the campus standard it is today, the Varsity® Bike Dock®.


“I’m still stunned by the unwavering commitment I’ve seen at all levels to ensure these bike-first ideals stay reality. From the undergrad all the way to the top of the administration, it’s not just, ‘It’s great to bike here,’ but ‘It’s great to bike here and tomorrow will be even better.”

Director of UC Davis Transportation Demand Manager