sylvan middle school



In August of 2016, Sylvan Middle School opened the doors to its highly anticipated, newly reconstructed campus for the new year. Filled with a variety of new renovations, the state-of-the-art campus included a secure location for students to store their scooters and skateboards during school hours. A lack of adequate storage for active transportation devices was a regular problem on the old campus. Unmanaged skateboards and scooters in classrooms created huge safety risks as potential accidents could be hugely problematic.olution.


To avoid a skateboard or scooter storage dilemma on their new campus, Sylvan Middle School turned to the SkateDock®. There are four SkateDocks fenced in a secure compound during school hours, with 40 lockable slots available for boards and scooters. According to the San Juan Safe Routes to School website, “This is not only an improvement from what Sylvan had at its old campus, but is the best the district has to offer, so far.” In creating this compound, Sylvan hopes to to not only provide a safe location for students to lock their gear, but also hopes to encourage even more students to use active transportation when traveling to and from school.


“In the classroom, skateboards and scooters not only cause potential for safety risk but also responsibility if anything is stolen. A lot of times campuses may just ban them because of the risks, but I believe that they are important for students. These [Skatedocks] have allowed us to solve that problem and allow for scooters and skateboards on our campus.ce.”


Kirk Bebot