88 Kearny



88 Kearny houses 29 different businesses including law firms, two banks and a variety of retail and restaurants. One of the main issues 88 Kearny faced was space for proper bike parking. Wheel racks were previously installed, but they did not provide the type of security tenant’s wanted nor high density parking the building needed. With ridership growing among their tenants, 88 Kearny decided to invest in a more complete bicycle parking solution.


88 Kearny determined that utilizing a two-tier bicycle rack system would be the most efficient way to meet their tenants’ needs. The solution needed to provide high density parking within small space in the parking garage and require minimum maintenance. Riley Wilhite, Real Estate Manager, looked at the Dero Decker, the Arc and Ground Control System’s Double Docker. Immediately, he determined that the Arc was too expensive. He decided to go with the Double Docker over the Dero

Decker due to GCS offering installation and the service his Project Manager provided – assisting with purchasing the appropriate number of racks needed and staying compliant with ADA regulations and San Francisco city ordinances. Additionally, the AutoCAD layouts that GCS provided helped Riley visualize the bike storage before any system was implemented.

In total, there are now 50 secure bike parking spaces for tenants composed of Double Dockers and Offset Vertical Racks. On average, the racks are at 40-60% parking capacity, but that number is expected to increase. The E-Marquee that GCS had custom-made for the bike room, which shows tenants how to properly load/unload their bikes on the Double Docker, has helped new users easily learn their way around the racks.


“I got a compliment from one of the tenants on the new bike parking the other day, and the rider with a milk crate attached to his bike has no issues loading so they all seem to enjoy the improved amenity. Overall, Ground Control Systems provided premium products at a competitive price.”


Riley Wilhite
Real Estate Manager, CBRE