Congratulations to our Active Transportation Scholarship winner!

The 2018 recipient of Ground Control Systems’ Active Transportation Scholarship has been announced.

Bicycles, skateboards, and scooters are reliable solutions for getting around. They are especially beneficial in college environments where classes, home, and lifestyle needs are all a bike ride away. The students who use active forms of transportation have an insiders look at what it takes to increase active transportation at their school.

Our 2018 Active Transportation Scholarship asked students to present their best ideas about what it takes to increase ridership of active transportation on campus. Winners receive $1,000 toward their education.

This year Ground Control Systems had the pleasure of reviewing entries from skaters, cyclists, athletes, and artist who love riding their bicycles! Their insights ranged from improving bike room facilities, implementing bikeways and safety measures, improving bicycle security, as well as creating support for student bicyclist.

This year’s winner Olivia Williamson submitted three key ideas that stood out for their ability to integrate into a successful active transportation system. Check out her submission below!


She Highlights the following ideas:

  • Designating bike travel areas separates two kinds of transportation that fit efficiently on campus; walking and riding their personal vehicles. Both are made more efficient when the travel areas are separated by lanes.
  • When bike parking facilities are updated, riders are encouraged to get around on their bikes and know that the transition will be an easy and facilitated one. As a bonus for colleges, updating parking facilities can maximize the space used for bikes!
  • The final piece of Olivia’s submission included strong durable racks that can keep bicycles secured throughout the day. For students, their personal vehicles can be secured stably while bicycling to school with many of their other bike-riding peers.

Olivia herself completes her school travel on her Classical Schwinn World Sport bicycle. She loves athletics, arts and playings guitar. Born in California, Olivia completed her schooling in Texas and now looks to continue her graduate schooling back in California. She just recently completed her first 30-mile bike ride! With so many wins, Olivia now looks forward to continue bicycling out in California. Way to go Olivia!

We would like to congratulate all the submissions for their brilliant insights! Best of luck to all of our future submissions. Check out our scholarship page!

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