Ground Control Systems Teams Up With The Scouts

Brandon Lane with Eagle Scout
Brandon Lane with Kyle Glasser, Life Scout

This Spring, Ground Control Systems had the pleasure of helping out with Danville community service project.

Scouts are required to put together community service projects to progress through the ranks within the troop. Life Scout, Kyle Glasser’s proposal for skateboard security caught Ground Control Systems’ attention and we knew we had to become involved.

As a Scout, Kyle knows the importance of safety, security, and supporting active lifestyles within his community. When the opportunity arose for Kyle to create a community service project and advance to Eagle Scout, he elected to manage the skateboards and scooters at his school. He knew he could do this with the right safety education and skateboard docks. To complete his project, he looked for solutions that could neatly organize and lock up boards during class time.

In his search for the perfect solution to keep skateboards and scooters secure and organized, Kyle reached out to his school principal at James Baldwin Elementary, Joe Romagna, for help. Romagna, having seen the success of the SkateDock® on other campuses, directed the Eagle Scout to Ground Control Systems.

Kyle reached out to us and we were excited to collaborate and help him create a successful project. Loving the passion we saw in the ambitious Scout, Ground Control Systems donated two 10-board SkateDocks® to James Baldwin Elementary.

In order to ensure that the SkateDocks® were a success, Ground Control Systems wanted to stay with the project from beginning to end. SkateDock Expert, Brandon Lane invited Kyle Glasser and his father, Elmer Glasser, to come to the Ground Control Systems’ distribution center and learn best practices for the SkateDock®. Kyle mastered the ins and outs of our durable docks, how to enforce usage, and finally, how to install the systems on campus. After helping Kyle load up the docks, Ground Control Systems knew he was fully prepared to present his solution to the school and his Scout Troop. Kyle felt confident that he would be able to clear up skateboard and scooter hazards from walkways and in classroom areas.

BRANDON LANE, SkateDock Expert
Brandon Lane, SkateDock Expert, with Kyle Glasser and his father Elmer Glasser

After helping load up the 2 SkateDocks® out of our Sacramento center, Kyle was ready. He will now be able to clear up skateboard and scooter hazards from walkways and in classroom areas.

The completion of Kyle’s project to receive his Eagle Scout rank, involved a presentation to James Baldwin Elementary Students.

Kyle designed an educational presentation about skateboards and scooters at school. Within his presentation, Kyle showed students the dangers of classroom floor hazards and educated them on the use of their new dock. The students now know about docking and locking their boards while in class.

Skateboard and scooter safety, with his friends at school .
Kyle Glasser after his presentation on skateboard and scooter safety, with his friends at John Baldwin School.
Overall, his presentation and SkateDock® project made for a much safer school environment. Now, with a successful service project, Kyle graduates to the Eagle Scout Rank. Today, many students at James Baldwin Elementary are benefiting from Kyle’s hard work. Congratulations to Kyle Glasser on his successful reception of the the Eagle Scout rank!

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