Ground Control Systems Gets Crafty with Track 7 Brewery

Ground Control Systems at Track 7 The Other Side
Ground Control Systems at Track 7 The Other Side

Track 7, a Sacramento-based brewery, whose name was coined from the old Western Pacific Railroad tracks, is preparing to serve up rotisserie-based gastropub cuisine to bicycle-fairing patrons and Ground Control Systems is along for the ride.

Track 7 Brewing Co., known for its top-notch approach to unique and artisanal beers, is now pioneering into the food service business. Their latest venture will bring a new restaurant to East Sacramento, set to open its doors in late July of this year. Track 7’s expansion will feature outdoor seating and Varsity® bike docks to secure customers’ bikes.

Preparing for The Needs of Bike-Friendly East Sac

The new East Sacramento location will feature 1,600 square feet of kitchen, 2,000 square feet of inside taproom, 750 square feet of gated patio space and 20 bike parking spaces.  

“The Other Side will provide a new opportunity, a canvas for Track 7 to delve into the countless possibilities enabled when harmony between beer and food exist,“ said Co-owner and Brewmaster Ryan Graham.

The Other Side’s gated deck, located on the East side of Folsom Blvd, creates an excellent afternoon and evening destination for dining and drinks. In an effort to promote bike-friendly communities, and accommodate more customers, The Other Side installed Varsity® Bike Docks both around the gated deck as well as before important entrances.

Centered in one of the most popular street intersections in East Sacramento, The Other Side will be conveniently near shopping, the Sacramento River, and CSUS, making it a prime location for cyclists to stop for a meal.

Ryan Graham feels prepared to take on his new food and brew business concept, “This opportunity came along and we felt it was the right opportunity to kind of take our evolution as a brewery to the next level.”

Today, 10 Varsity® Bike Docks placed around key areas at The Other Side, comfortably support up to 20 bikes for potential customers. Commuters will be able to ride and park their bikes while not interrupting the flow of traffic around the new restaurant.

The completed installation in 3 key points around the upcoming food spot
Ground Control Systems Varsity bike docks at Track 7’s The Other Side

The patio at the business will seat between 75 and 80 people, according to general manager Tracy Losch. With the family-friendly atmosphere in East Sacramento, the patio will be well-suited for guests with children, dogs and now bikes!

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