How the Metal Bike Vault stacks up to Fiberglass Lockers

The Metal Bike Vault® challenges current leading fiberglass bike locker designs to provide the most durable option available.

ground control systems duraplas metal bike vault standard
Our standard MBV model features solid DuraPlas panels.


Metal Bike Vault®


Fiberglass Lockers

High impact plastic protects steel from heat, weather and migrating oxidation.
UV radiation weakens the structure of fiberglass. Lower impact resistance.
Easy-to-install design that’s less hassle when shipping, storing and staging.
Requires more space when shipping and storing. Heavy to move (200-300 lbs).
Ships within 1 week of order.
Lower shipping costs.
(Avg. 60% less than assembled lockers)
10-12 WEEKS
Made-to-order delays. High shipping cost. Requires more space on container
Warranty on all coated structural steel and welds. Additional coating warranty.
Warranty for defective material or poor workmanship.

This is DuraPlas™, the most durable, longest lasting finish available. It withstands damage from elements and whatever they may bring. Its build and design withstand direct impacts. The matte black surface stays beautiful.

Our state-of-the-art DuraPlas™ developed within the automotive industry. This thermoplastic held true under a range of rigorous conditions. We’ve taken it as far as marine environments where salt spray environments can greatly diminish the lifespan of most metals. We protect our solutions to last out in the real world. As a part of our environmental consciousness, we’ve committed to keeping our vault materials PVC-free.

Read up on many of our other resources. Learn to choose a bike locker or understand how to work with the master plans of a college or university By all measures, we’re equipping our products to exist in better bicycle friendly environments.

Stay posted as we develop our next iteration of DuraPlas™. Soon we will be offering our vaults in a brilliant silver.

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