Uniting high-level security with a modular design

Ground Control Systems launches Metal Bike Vault® (MBV) to provide flexible security options and reduced lead times/shipping costs for large projects

Ground Control Systems is launching the modular Metal Bike Vault® (MBV) to expand their bike locker offering after the success of the VisiLocker™. The MBV provides a next level of safety and durability, compared to current metal and fiberglass options. The MBV addresses main issues facing architects and contractors today, including short turnaround on deadlines, the need for multiple security options and overall cost.

“Since we’ve launched the VisiLocker, we have been collecting feedback from our customers and the modular Metal Bike Vault® is the result of those efforts,” says VP of Engineering, Donn Van Dusen.


Many of the new features available are a direct result of what the market was demanding from already one of the most durable bike lockers in the industry, including:

  • The modular design allows customers to choose from 7 different options to provide the optimal level of long-term security. Each locker is stackable to increase the number of bikes per space for all bike sizes.
  • The easy-to-install knockdown design helps meet tight spec deadlines with shorter delivery times, can reduce shipping costs and is less of a hassle to stage or move. Pre-assembled versions are also available per request.
  • The Duraplas™ coated steel, backed by an industry leading warranty, gives customers piece of mind by making the metal locker more durable than current metal and fiberglass alternatives. 

See what other great features the modular Metal Bike Vault has to offer

Modular Metal Bike Vault

“This is an exciting year for Ground Control Systems. The MBV marks our first major product/service launch of 2018 , but there are many more great things to come,” says Van Dusen.

This includes additional features being added to the modular Metal Bike Vault®.

Ground Control Systems, formerly Park A Bike, is one of Sacramento’s fastest growing companies in recent years offering end-to-end bike and board parking solutions for school campuses and municipalities. With over 25 years of experience, Ground Control Systems offers innovative, space efficient bike storage solutions and services, including free installation layouts from expert engineers and planners.

To learn more about Ground Control Systems and the Metal Bike Vault®, please contact info@groundcontrolsystems.com or visit the website www.groundcontrolsystems.com.

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