CSU Monterey Bay’s Master Plan for Increasing Bike Mobility

Bike Friendly campus improving standards
Photo by Lisa Suerder

In 2016, California State University Monterey Bay announced their new and improved Master Plan for a more sustainable campus. They announced their goals to expand the campus, increase their student body, and become carbon neutral by the year 2030. There are a number improvements the University plans to make, one of the biggest being a push to increase bike circulation on campus.

Bike friendly University
Photo By CSU Monterey Bay

Since it was established about 24 years ago, CSUMB, for the most part, has been a commuter campus. It was structured with the intent of catering to student drivers, not cyclists. A lack of bike paths, bike parking, and other infrastructure has for the longest time deterred many students, faculty, and staff from using bikes to get to and from campus. With the updated master plan, the university has many measures in place to decrease the number of cars by increasing campus mobility for cyclists.

The first thing the University plans to do is connect inner campus bike and pedestrian paths with the surrounding communities and regional landmarks. Providing these connections will provide cyclists with the ability to access the campus from a variety of locations while improving the safety of current bike networks. There are also plans to establish a bicycle guide providing information about locations of updated bike routes, lanes, and racks throughout the campus to make bike commuting easier.

Class 1 student bike parking
“Bike Bunker” at CSU Monterey Bay

Plans are also in place for providing more Class 1 parking options for cyclists. Due to the coastal location of the campus, the salty coastal has potential cause bike corrosion. Providing bike rooms, bike shelters, and bike bunkers, the university has plans to construct more covered bike parking options for students, especially those living on campus. The master plan also recognizes that the new campus improvements must cater to every type of cyclist. CSUMB has plans to provide campus bike racks with the compatibility to securely lock Handcycles for disabled cyclists. The racks would be the first of their kind, and a true step in the right direction for increasing campus bike accessibility for all.

The University is also working towards increasing bike safety throughout the campus. Reducing traffic speed, increasing bicycle signage, and installing more lighting along bike paths all just a few of the measures CSUMB has taken to bring more awareness to campus cyclist.

With the ambitions of expanding the campus and bringing in more students, now more than ever is the best time for CSUMB to increase bike mobility. It will help to increase campus sustainability while at the same time increasing health and wellness amongst students, faculty, and staff.

Awesome Work Cal State Monterey Bay!

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