New Year. Same Mission.

 2017 is in the books! What a year! Ground Control Systems was named one of Sacramento’s fastest growing companies for the 5th consecutive year, and we have no plans of slowing down. We have also expanded our team, adding individuals with a passion and drive to continue to help us excel, share knowledge, and thrive as a company.

Last year we took on, and successfully completed, a number of projects supplying parking solutions across the country ranging from the City of Sacramento to the University of Kentucky, and this year our goal is to provide even more.

Our mission stems far beyond selling bike and board racks. We work to create a one of a kind experience. Our products are created by the user for the user. Each of our products is designed to ensure that users have the most convenient, safest and enjoyable active transportation experience possible.

This year, we want to continue to increase sustainability, promote cyclists’ safety, and support those who participate in active transportation while at the same time, encouraging more to do so. Last year was great, but this year we want to be even better.Through our advancing growth, we will continue to provide excellent customer support, innovative products, and maintain a strong presence in this industry.There is always room for improvement, and the best is what we strive to be.

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