Lockable Ski & Snowboard Resort Racks Prevent Theft

Originally Published: Nov 8, 2016


Winter enthusiasts “Dock It & Lock It” With the SnowDock™ by Ground Control Systems

Resorts, skiers and boarders all share a common problem: securing boards and skis outside buildings so they’ll actually be there when owners return.  The Snow Dock™ lockable tower provides resorts the parking and security solution winter sports enthusiasts crave and that resorts need to deter theft.

SnowDock-Ski-Snowboard-Resort-RackAccording to news reports, increasing numbers of boards and skis are stolen daily from resorts during the height of the season. Without a way to securely store gear, boards and skis are often left loose and unattended and therefore susceptible to disappearing. And resorts want nothing more than their guests feeling safe and secure about visiting their mountain.

“Never before have we had a product so in demand for securing gear in an orderly, space efficient way as the high-security SnowDock™,” said Ground Control Systems CEO Greg Bauer. “With our patented innovative tower design, we can lock more skis and boards in less space that any product in the country.”

With security and space efficiency as top issues for resorts – and it always is – nothing beats the vertical SnowDock™ resort rack. The lockable tower transforms gear “waiting areas” into organized and secure parking environments for storing skis and boards. Educational signage urging guests to DOCK IT & LOCK IT helps keep gear outside, reduces tripping hazards and prevents theft. Most importantly, skiers and boarders who’ve been victimized by thieves see big benefits to the lockable rack.

Lockable-Snowboard-Ski-Rack-SnowDock Ski resorts also are choosing the SnowDock™ for its versatility and user friendliness. Features include the ability to secure 6 boards or ski pairs on one rack; highly secure lockable rings fits with most lock styles; placing two docks back to page doubles on space saving; easy placement outside restaurants, shops and resort outlets; simple and intuitive design; works with any sized board; and is fully welded with no assembly required.

Ground Control Systems offers its SnowDock™ to resorts who are aiming to please their guests while providing the best experience a winter wonderland can offer, without the hassle of dealing with theft. Go to groundcontrolsystems.com for more information on the SnowDock™ and more parking solutions for today and tomorrow.


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