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Originally Published: Jun 1, 2016

Outdoor Bicycle Shelters Slope with Vertical Bike Rack
Outdoor Bicycle Shelter with the Vertical Bike Rack Center Stage System

The Vertical Offset:  A Game of Inches

Side Stage Vertical Bike Rack SystemWhen it comes to bike parking for large housing facilities, college or business campuses, it’s often a matter of maximizing space in an indoor room rather than a less secure outdoor room for tenants and or employees. This can present a challenge for traditional racks, since they can block high traffic areas in a bike room. Furthermore, accommodating tenants or employees can prove to be impossible due to spatial constraints. It all leads to the most obvious solution, go up! There are plenty of racks in the market that have caught on to the upward trend, and making bicycle parking possible in smaller spaces making it possible for cyclists to have a place to store their bikes!

Our Offset™ Vertical Bike Rack offers the country’s only high density space-saving dual unit bicycle rack, capable of securing two bicycles within 6 – 8 inches of space. Whether space is limited or you are working on an indoor bicycle room, our patented design offers space, friendly usability, and high security. For free standing vertical bike parking systems, see our Side Stage™, Center Stage™ or wall mounted VR2™ units.

Click here for information on earning LEED credits for bike parking.

Featured Story: WeWork Fulton Market Bike Park

John Greenfield WeWork Bike RacksThe company WeWork is a dynamic client that we have been lucky enough to have assisted in bike parking for recently.  Termed as the ‘Ace Hotel of coworking environments’ by the publication Fast Company, their star is swiftly rising, and their model as a one stop shop, offering everything from an energizing and modern work environment, to great rates on payroll services and healthcare benefits for members.  Their success has been carried beyond merely providing a work space for startups, to hosting large companies like Red Bull and J Crew.  They also boast locations worldwide from Atlanta, GA to Be’er Sheva, Israel and are soon launching a co-living division named WeLive.

It’s only natural that a company with such modern appeal and approach to work environments would be open to our vertical and horizontal racks.  To help establish a bike station dubbed “Bike Park” in Chicago’s Fulton Market Area for WeWork, Ground Control provided our SideStage Offset™ Vertical units as well as our Varsity™ Bike Docks offering high density and highly organized bike parking, we were able to accommodate 75 bicycles comfortably with room for up to 50 more!

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut the ribbon on the installation in October, and lauded the efforts of WeWork to help bring more tech talent to the area, as well as provide support for sustainable alternative transportation.  In addition to bicycle parking, the location features an electric air pump as well as a work stand with tools, showers and lockers for cyclists.  Ground Control is more than proud to have been involved with WeWork’s Fulton Market Bike Park, and we strive to always facilitate better bicycle infrastructure!

Photos courtesy of John Greenfield / Streetsblog Chicago

Read more about the Chicago Bike Park from StreetsBlog Chicago here!

Industry Spotlight: Multifamily Housing and Apartment Bicycle Parking

Davis Bike Room Center Stage Vertical Bike RackWhen planning bike parking for apartments or multifamily housing units, optimizing space is essential.  Whether parking is being provided in an enclosed area, like a fenced in bike cage, or a room that requires key, or key-card access, it is important not only that tenants have sufficient parking spaces, but also that they are secure and prevent bike theft.  Although horizontal bike parking is utilized in many projects to help fulfill municipal requirements, often it is difficult, or simply unfeasible to work on a bike parking plan that provides a spot for every one out of four tenants without utilizing a vertical option.

Therefore going for vertical parking that has a focus on increasing density organization can be a vital part of your bike plan.  The more secure spots there are for tenants, the happier the tenants are that are regular cyclists and the more likely there are to stay in their unit, which in the end makes everyone happy!

Read more about our high density Center Stage series here!

March 2016 Promotion: The VR2 Offset

Offset Vertical Bike Rack System VR2For a limited time, we are offering our VR2 Vertical Bike Rack and throwing in free anchors!

USE PROMO CODE: VR2016 when you call or email and you receive our special pricing of our VR2 Vertical bike rack for $200.00! (2016 msrp $220.00)

To make the most of indoor locations the best option is usually vertical parking. Our vertical offset offers the highest density vertical parking in the industry! We have included general pricing.

Great for bike cages and indoor parking!

 Read more about our Offset Series here!

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