HOT SOLUTION: 5 Ways Converting Storage to Bike Rooms Works For You

Vertical Bike Rack Bike Rooms

Now trending up up up: bike riding in America, where commuting by bike increased 62% nationally and 105% in Bike Friendly Communities from 2000-2013.

Wall-Mounted Bicycle Storage

That’s great news for the environment and wellness, but hand in hand with that increased ridership is sharp need for bicycle storage. And lots of it.

Apartment buildings, office complexes and campuses of all kinds are discovering how the Bike Room Solution solves multiple challenges in this area, particularly the ever-present parking ordinance requirements. Here are 5 reasons builders are converting storage room space into much-needed Bike Rooms:

  1. Storage rooms are easily converted to Bike Rooms. Bike Rooms can be outfitted with high density racks for maximum numbers of bikes per square foot. Ground Control’s Offset Vertical Bike Rack, for example, is an ultra-space-saving dual unit securing two bikes within 6-8 inches of space. That means a lot of bikes can be accommodated in a well-designed room.
  2. Bike riders love bike rooms. When riders know their bike is in a secured location on the perfect, easy to use rack, they are worry free. With racks like the Offset Vertical and the easy sliding two-tier Double Docker, users don’t worry about bike conflict, tipping or straining to get at their bike.  
  3. Bike parking counts toward parking ordinance requirements. It’s true! If a city feels your occupancy to parking ratio is lopsided, you may get an order to add a parking space or several. Bike parking spaces, especially in high density bike rooms, help satisfy parking ordinance demands.
  4. Bike rooms increase property/project value. As we say, maximizing space increases value, and the Bike Room does just that. Extra storage space, or even a portion of a large storage room, can make for the perfect, secure Bike Room and allow you a big value added benefit to a facility.
  5. You become a Bicycle Friendly facility, and that’s no small thing. Cities, businesses, universities and communities of all kinds are moving to be more bicycle friendly. Providing a secure bike parking room — complete with Offset Vertical Racks, Free Standing Racks, Double Dockers and Bike Repair Stations – is a sure fire bike friendly move.

Get a free Bike Storage Facility Guide download on the Ground Control Systems website, see sample layouts and more ways to meet the growing demand for bicycle storage with specially designed, space efficient rooms.


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