On-Ramp™ Bike Fleet & MicroMobility Station


  • Bike fleet management is inexpensive in comparison to car parking and maintenance on properties and campuses. Particularly where a tenant or visitor is paying for the privilege of storing a vehicle. Therefore, offering shared active transportation attracts and retains tenants while reducing infrastructure spending.
  • MicroMobility is an amenity that fills in the gaps where existing transit systems may not reach. It is an ideal complement to an existing hospitality-, retail- or campus-supported transit system to boost property value and promote visitor/tenant health.
  • Shared active transportation reduces abandoned bikes. Cities and campuses are often finding bikes abandoned, locked to existing racks, sign poles, and elsewhere, cluttering up space. Offering a regulated solution with a recognizable locking station cuts down on clean up.

As the OEM supplier of bike parking for Zagster, the U.S. market leader in bike sharing public and public/private bike-share systems, Ground Control Systems developed the On-Ramp Bike Fleet & MicroMobility Station as the solution for any business, campus, corporation or hospitality venue looking to quickly ramp up and run a shared active transportation or mobility-as-a-service program to improve their tenants and visitors transit options. Optional E-Marquee provides branding, retail marketing and educational opportunities.



Product Features
  • Minimum 3 bicycles secured – long term or short term parking solution (contact us to discuss long-term options)
  • Black injection molded urethane Smart Guards™ protect bicycles from metal-to-metal damage
  • 3 point steel locking loops for the highest security locking
  • Wheel pockets cradle bicycle tires and prevent slipping & tipping
  • Steel materials and coating provide durability to last over time
  • E-Marquee Optional: Design options include using one of our standard bike parking templates, supplying your own design within the sign specs or our in-house marketing department can bring your ideas to life (additional cost)




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